News and Events

Students of the Month

 Students of the month for September and October are our two newest 5th Dans: Isaac Willis III and Eli Patterson III. Both are true students of taekwon-do and martial arts and one way you can confirm that is by attending the classes they teach as assistant instructors--Mr. Willis on Wednesday evenings and Mr. Patterson on Sundays. 

Criteria for Student of the Month:

1. Strong attendance

2 .Progress in belt rank skills

3. Adherence to the Five Tenets (courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit)

4. Contribution to the do-jang and fellow students.

White Tiger Tournament Dec. 16

Our friends at White Tiger Martial Arts are holding their annual invitational tournament on Sunday, Dec. 16 at East Portland Community Center.

This is one of the largest traditional taekwon-do tournaments in the Portland area and the entry fee is only $15.

All our students should attend this tournament, which provides a learning experience not often found in regular classes.