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Welcome to Traditional Taekwono-do
Traditional Taekwon-do

2940A SE Belmont St., Portland, OR 97214 / (503) 736-9634

News and Events

Black Belt Promotions

Assitant Instructor Irina Alonso earned her 3rd Dan (3rd degree black belt) and Gus Falls achieved his 1st Dan on May 12.

Both students had worked hard for more than a year to prepare for their tests, and both performed excellently.

April Students of the Month


Yellow belts Bena Rodecap and Rianna Park are students of the month for April. They are shown here performing their demonstration team at last weekend's Traditional Taekwon-do Spring Invitational Tournament, in which they earned second place. Bena and Rianna are dedicated students who train often, work hard to improve, and follow the the five tenets of taekwon-do.

1. Strong attendance

2 .Progress in belt rank skills

3. Adherence to the Five Tenets (courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit)

4. Contribution to the do-jang and fellow students.

Beach Campout/Workout June 22-24


Do taekwon-do in the sun and surf at our annual beach campout and workout. All taekwon-do students, friends and family are welcome.

We will have workouts Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. There will be a big potluck dinner Saturday night and a brunch on Sunday. In between, there will be plenty of time for exploring the park and beach.

We have four individual camp sites with water (one with an electric hookup), which will allow 30 people to stay over on Saturday night. There will be two camp site accommodating eight people on Friday night and another single camp site with the same capacity on Sunday night. Campers who want to stay two nights will get space on a first come, first serve basis.

Since Cape Lookout is about 90 minutes from Portland, students are also welcome to come over for the day and work out with us. And there are many other accommodations available in Tillamook and Oceanside.