News and Events

Annual Spring Tournament April 28

Traditional Taekwon-do's annual spring invitational tournament will be Saturday, April 28. This popular event will be held at the basketball gym at Imago Dei Community Church, 1302 SE Ankeny St., Portland, OR 97214.

The entry fee is $35 and covers all events, if registered by April 25 (otherwise, it is $10 more). For families, each additional family member is $20.

There will be competition in sparring, forms, demonstration teams, jump kicking  and either board breaking or power kicking depending on rank. 

Grand champion trophies will be awarded for black belt children and adults, and for colored belts in forms. 

January Students of the Month

Up til now, we have never awarded the student of the month honor to a six-year-old student, nor to white or yellow belts. But recently, we have had the pleasure of teaching four diligent and enthusiastic kids who are just six. They come to class often, pay attention and are learning skills well beyond their years.

They are yellow belts Nadine Wikler-Luker and Lena Pitts, and white belts Clementine Mullinax and Mason McCarthy.

Criteria for student of the month are:

1. Good class attendance.

2. Progress in skills at their rank level.

3. Adherence to the five tenets of taekwon-do.

  1. 4. Contributions to fellow students and the school.