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Traditional Taekwon-do

2940A SE Belmont St., Portland, OR 97214 / (503) 736-9634

2940A SE Belmont St., Portland, OR 97214 / (503) 736-9634

2940A SE Belmont St., Portland, OR 97214 / (503) 736-96342940A SE Belmont St., Portland, OR 97214 / (503) 736-96342940A SE Belmont St., Portland, OR 97214 / (503) 736-9634

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We have grown into the largest tradiitional taekwon-do school in Portland based on excellent mentors who have trained intensively not only in the art of taekwon-do but also in its intsruction. In the front row of the photo above, taken at our annual beach workout, are our main instructors:  head instructor and 6th Dan Gil Johnson, 4th Dan Isaac Willis, 4th Dan Eli Patterson, 3rd Dan Irina Alonso and 3rd Dan Ian Watts.

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On a busy schedule, it's often difficult to find time to do anything for yourself on a regular basis. Taekwon-do, however, offers a very efficient means of prolonging your physical and mental health, and you can do it your entire life. (At  Traditional Taekwon-do, we have had a student in his 70s, several in their 50s.) 

To further motivate you, we are offering our fitness special: pay only the $50 initiation fee (which includes your uniform) and then pay tuition for classes next month.*

A typical hour-long taekwon-do class gives you a vigorous aerobic workout. Since strikes with both hands and feet are practiced, virtually every muscle group in the body is employed. Workouts are safe; as taekwon-do is a relatively modern martial art, the positioning for executing kicks is physiologically sound. You need not fear stressing joints or muscles. 

Mental conditioning is equally important in taekwon-do. Students must memorize--and then master--patterns of movement, each one more complex than the last. Your senses become more acute and you train to become aware of your surroundings. You not only develop quick reflexes, but also learn to control your responses to stimuli, so that each reaction is the appropriate one. 

Three to five taekwon-do workouts a week are enough to keep the body fit and the mind sharp. That's as little as three hours a week, although once you get into taekwon-do, you will want to do more. And you will be able to. 

Still think you don't have enough time? Taekwon-do will help you make time. The mental conditioning you get inside class carries over into your work and everyday life and you mind becomes quicker. Because of the strenuous workout, you will get to sleep easier and sleep deeper--which means you may be able to get by on fewer hours of sleep. So in helping you live longer, taekwon-do will also help you enjoy getting there.

*You are obligated to pay for at least one month of lessons a month after starting, but that means you get two months for the price of one.

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“The ultimate purpose of Taekwon-do is perfection of mind and body,”


So wrote Choi Hong Hi, the man credited with founding this dynamic martial art.

In the last line of the Taekwon-do Student Oath, students pledge “to build a more peaceful world.”

That sounds like a lot to ask from a martial art that teaches devastating strikes and kicks and originated as combat training for the Korean army. Yet it turns out to be true.

A traditional martial art is not simply about fighting. Nor is it merely a sport. The underlying premise of a sound martial art is that by practicing rigorous physical exercises, not only is one’s body improved, but also one’s mind and spirit. Further, in the give and take of regulated physical conflict—accompanied by a strict code of conduct—a person learns how to control aggression.

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